How It works

Science Engaged LA is a project to strengthen the relationship between science and the public by asking Los Angeles adults to try science related activities in their communities and tell us about their experience. Building on a recent research study by ScienceCounts and the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC), insights obtained from Science Engaged LA will help improve understanding of how communities want to engage with science. Feedback is collected anonymously across four different surveys that each take between 7-12 minutes to complete.

LA County residents 18 and older are invited to participate. Participation can start, pause or end at any time until the project concludes in March 2023.


Get started

To get started, participants take the Entry Survey. The Entry Survey consists of a consent form and a series of demographic and background questions which take about 7 minutes to answer. Once the survey is complete, participants receive an email with a link and instructions for the next step: Choose an Activity.

The Entry Survey is taken only once.

Choose an activity

Now it's time to choose an activity! In the Activity Survey, participants are invited to choose one of nine different kinds of science-related activities that they’re willing to try. Some activities are quick, while others are more involved. Some can be done at home, while others require going to specific places at specific times. ALL ARE FREE. The Activity Survey takes about 12 minutes.

Once the Activity Survey is complete, participants receive an email with a link and instructions on how to access or schedule the activity.

Participants are asked to try to complete the activities they chose, and are welcome to try as many different activities as they wish.

A new Activity Survey is always taken before trying a new activity – therefore it may be taken multiple times.

Tell us what you think

Once participants finish an activity, they share their experience and feedback in the Experience Survey. The information provided by participants in this survey is especially vital to the project. The Experience Survey takes about 12 minutes.

The Experience Survey is always taken after trying a new activity – therefore it can be taken multiple times.

Exit Science Engaged LA

Participants may leave the SCIENCE ENGAGED LA program at any time by using the exit link which: 1) is provided at the bottom of all program emails, 2) is included at the end of the Experience Survey, or 3) will be sent to active participants just before the conclusion of the program.

Upon exiting, participants are asked to complete a final Exit Survey asking general questions about their program experience overall. The Exit Survey takes about 7 minutes.

When you have submitted the Exit Survey you have completed participation in the project!

Michelle Race, Civic Science Fellow for Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

About the Principal Researcher

Michelle Race is the ScienceCounts Civic Science Fellow for Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Public Engagement. Michelle is a science communicator with over five years of experience creating and facilitating educational programs for K-12 and adult audiences. Michelle received a B.S. in Marine Biology from San Diego State University and also holds an M.A. in Biology from Miami University, OH with a focus on connecting underrepresented communities to environmental science and the outdoors.