Who is eligible to participate?

Adults (18+) living in Los Angeles County are invited to participate in this study. The activities are family friendly however, those under 18 cannot submit a survey.

Is this study safe?

There are no anticipated risks associated with this study. Measures will be taken to anonymize survey responses. Participants are able to end their participation at any time.

Why is this research needed?

There is an urgent need for programs that more effectively serve all of our communities, especially those that historically have been marginalized. Progress on this front, however, has been hindered by lack of sufficient understanding of what motivates science interest and engagement, and the barriers that get in the way. Responses from participants in Science Engaged LA will improve our understanding.

Where can I find the activity menu for the project?

The activity menu is only available to project participants. You will receive a link to the activity menu when you have joined the project by submitting the Entry Survey.

If you are a project participant and need a link to the activity menu, please send an email to race@sciencecounts.org using the email address you submitted in the Entry Survey.

What kind of activities are offered?

Participants can participate in nine different kinds of activities that will be offered by various organizations. Examples include a visit to the Natural History Museum, listening to a science related podcast, or making a financial donation to a science organization.